Fargesia sp. 'Jiuzhaigou'  1                     
also called "Red Bamboo" or "Red Panda"

Height: 7' to 10'
Canopy Width:  3' to 10'
Culm Diameter:  " to "
Hardiness: -20 F
Light Tolerance: 1 through 3
USDA Range: 5 through 9
2 gallon:  $60
5 gallon:  $90
10 gallon: $200

    This is a highly decorative clumping bamboo from  Juizhaigou Park in northern Sichuan, China. Small stature, outstanding color, and tiny, elegant leaves. Closely related to Fargesia nitida. It is a good option for small spaces or patio gardens because it is very hardy and seems to grow well in a container with good drainage. It needs protection from the hot sun from about 12 noon on.
     It is different than the other clumping bamboo we carry, due to very small, delicate looking foliage and brighter, more varied colors on the culms. Don't be fooled by it's diminutive appearance; this bamboo is even more cold hardy than Fargesia sp. 'Rufa'. It cannot tolerate as much direct sun and high heat, but it ranks among the most cold hardy of any bamboo. During severe cold, the small leaves curl up tightly, preventing leaf decimation.  Extra protection for the foliage is an advantage in cold climates because it doesn't need to put extra energy into making new leaves after a very harsh winter. It will also curl it's leaves during hot weather, or direct sun exposure. 
    It grows slowly, about 1 foot per year and is best used as a colorful accent, with fine texture, rather than a dense screen. A bright colored jewel among other bamboos, it attracts a lot of attention at the nursery.

Image from Wikipedia: Turquoise lakes of 
Juizhaigou Valley

Fargesia sp. Jiuzhaigou comes from temperate, mountainous regions like pictured above. Its seems a fitting environment for such a beautiful plant. Jiuzhaigou Valley, in the northern Sichuan Province of China, is one of the few natural areas where the Giant Panda still flourish. The cloud forest is now a protected nature preserve, but is still inhabited by several Tibetan families and villages. I have never been there, but someday would love to visit...
There are several variations of  'Jiuzhaigou' that have come from this region, Jiuzhaigou 1, being the brightest colored form. For more information about different forms of F. sp. 'Jiuzhaigou', see this link:
comparing different forms of 'Jiuzhaigou'

Image from Wikipedia: Nuorilang Falls in Jiuzhaigou Valley
F.sp.Jiuzhaigou1(2009b)s.jpg (261582 bytes)
Noah Bell, Shweeash Bamboo

F.sp.Jiuzhaigou1s.jpg (384519 bytes)
Noah Bell, Shweeash Bamboo
Young culms turn burgundy to cherry red when exposed to morning sunlight. Late Spring.

F.sp.Jiuzhaigou1(2009)s.jpg (420630 bytes)
Noah Bell, Shweeash Bamboo

F.sp.Jiuzhaigou1(2008)s.jpg (426374 bytes)
Noah Bell, Shweeash Bamboo
In the Fall, 'Jiuzhaigou' prepares for the winter by sheadding about 30% of its foliage. I enjoy the variation of leaf color.

F.sp.Jiuzhaigou1(ice)s.jpg (297500 bytes)
Noah Bell, Shweeash Bamboo
Frozen in an ice storm.


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